IDM Bureau of Investigation. have an excellent proven record over many years in this very personal and sensitive service, conducted by our team of expert and discreet researchers whom are supported by a team of qualified Genealogist's, whom also provide an independent ‘Family Tree’ service.

Have you therefore ever considered tracing your own Natural Parents and then maybe gone through the standard procedures and preliminary enquiries before then given up hope or perhaps simply changed your mind? Accordingly might we invite you to consider allowing us to assist in providing this required information and finally put your mind at rest.

We know from personal experience in dealing with these matters that all reconciliation’s between natural parents and their adopted children can be very emotional and need to be handled with great care, compassion and sensitivity and therefore every effort is made to ensure that no distress is caused to anyone involved (especially in the case of very elderly natural parents) whom have been traced, whereby most certainly no direct approach is ever made without due consideration and in certain cases where suitable, without the assistance of a qualified intermediatory. It is further worthwhile considering that in most cases while conducting the necessary research we not only trace the natural parents we also identify various other living or deceased relatives, whom usually have no idea whatsoever that they have half- brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews etc. Most of the younger generation family members traced are of course still alive and have their own families whom can be a very reliable source of information regarding their own immediate relatives. In most cases providing family albums and photographs where various likenesses can be compared

In our own personal experience most adopted children at some time or other in their lives do have the desire to trace their natural parents albeit perhaps having been provided with a loving and secure family environment by their adoptive parents because quite simply they need to understand why they were adopted in the first place and perhaps be better informed about their own origin, circumstances of birth, natural talents and medical history etc.


If therefore you are considering tracing your Natural Parents and your own efforts and other avenues of enquiry have failed, we will be only to pleased to hear from you and arrange a suitable appointment to discuss your personal situation and provide whatever help and support we can. Please be reassured that all enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence.